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Galway med-tech firm to create 100 new jobs

Plans to create a further 100 jobs were announced at the official opening of a medical devices company in Galway City this week.

ICS Medical Devices works with start-up medical device companies to design, develop and produce catheters for a range of medical procedures.

The company was officially opening its new facility located in Ballybrit Business Park. Already, it has plans to expand by a further 10,000 square feet and create 100 jobs.

“Our aim is to become the first-choice provider of con

Celebrations as new autism unit launched at Mervue school

From this week’s Galway City Tribune – A city school opened an autism unit last week following a hugely successful fundraising campaign.

Radharc na Mara Primary School in Mervue initially began fundraising in February for a sensory room but was able to expand the project to include an occupational therapy room, life skills room, and outdoor area.

“It’s been fantastic,” said Doireann Hanrahan, a teacher in the Autism Class at Radharc na Mara.

“We didn’t expect to get nearly as much money as wa

Success of Salthill basketball event prompts call for permanent courts

From this week’s Galway City Tribune – For many players in Galway, basketball is not always about competing, it is about making connections.

When Basketball Ireland hosted a ‘3×3’ tournament in Salthill carpark last weekend, many people came out to take part and support.

And now, Galway City Council has come under pressure to provide a permanent basketball court, with Toft Park in Salthill – beside the aquarium – mooted as the idea location.

Joe Coughlan, founder and coach with Titans Basketb

Scientists make case for year-round water tests

Scientists at NUI Galway have called for year-round water testing after finding antibiotic-resistant bacteria in bathing waters here.

The study, published by scientists from the university’s Ryan Institute, tested 118 bathing water and 36 sewage samples at locations around the country from July 2019 until November 2020.

ESBLP (Extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producers), a type of enzyme produced by germs that makes infections harder to treat with antibiotics, were in 78% of the water samples

Radon levels on Galway’s radar

Thousands of householders in Galway city and county are potentially living at high risk from exposure to the cancer-causing radon gas.

Newly-updated radon maps from the Environmental Protection Agency show that large tranches of Galway are considered ‘high-risk’ – where one in five homes are likely to have high radon levels.

Radon is invisible, colourless and odourless but it is rated as a Group 1 carcinogen (causing cancer) – in the same category as tobacco smoke and asbestos. The gas is now being linked to 350 cancer deaths a year in the Republic of Ireland.

The radon high-risk area in Galway stretches from the city and Knocknacarra and eastwards across South Conamara, along the Mayo border and through North Galway and parts of East Galway and South Galway and back up to encompass Galway City.

Archers ask Galway City Council for outdoor space to grow

From this week’s Galway City Tribune – A group of archery enthusiasts is hopeful that Galway City Council will be on point with a proposal that they be considered when any new sports facilities are being planned.

Galway Archers – who currently use Árus Bóthar na Trá in Salthill – told the City Council in a submission under the Draft City Development Plan 2023-29 that such clubs in Ireland are very restricted in where they can let their arrows fly.

At the moment, there are three archery clubs i

Two tonnes of waste in canal – ‘the cost of outdoor living’ in Galway

From this week’s Galway City Tribune – Two tonnes of waste removed from the Claddagh Basin and Eglinton Canal during a clean-up last weekend is the cost of the pandemic transition to outdoor lifestyles, according to a Galway City Council official.

“Unfortunately, there has been an environmental cost to the outdoor lifestyles adopted during the pandemic. From the recent clean-up, we took out a huge amount of pint glasses, beer and wine bottles, bikes and even shopping trolleys. We all need to do

Domestic Violence Response recorded highest number of clients in 24 years under Covid ‘shadow’

A domestic violence support charity in Galway has recorded its highest number of clients in 24 years – “under the shadow” of Covid-19.

Domestic Violence Response (DVR), which is based in Moycullen, also reported its highest level of counselling support sessions in its 2021 annual report published last week.

The charity saw 136 new clients in 2021, and a total of 266 people utilised its services. It also saw a significant increase of return service users.

The support service also provided 51 n

First ever micro-music festival coming to Galway this weekend

First ever micro-music festival coming to Galway this weekend

A first of its kind micro-music festival is coming to Galway this weekend.

The first Gig Economy festival will feature three acts representing the underground music scene in Galway.

The line-up includes performances by A Lilac Decline, So Cow’s Brian Kelly, and Field Trip.

A Lilac Decline is the musical counterpart for visual artist Cecilia Danell, whose songs have been described by Terrascope to have “a ghostly, hazy beauty that

Noble false widow could 'destabilise' the ecosystem

Scientists warn that the noble false widow spider could ‘destabilise’ the ecosystem after it was recently found feeding on protected bats.

A study published by scientists from the Ryan Institute in NUI Galway found the first instance of noble false widows preying on a protected species of Pipistrelle bats in the UK.

Previous research from 2018 also found the spider feeding on a protected species of viviparous lizard in Ireland.

The noble false widow is considered a generalist feeder, meaning

False widow spider found feeding on a bat for the first time

Galway scientists have discovered the first case of a Noble False Widow spider feeding on a bat.

The Noble False Widow originates from Madeira and the Canary Islands and was first reported in southern England in 1879. The species has increased its range and population density in recent decades, spreading north towards Scotland, and west through Wales and Ireland.

The species has also spread globally across Europe, East Asia, North A

Top 4 American style pancakes in Galway City

Eggs, milk, and flour — three simple ingredients that can be used to make one of the most versatile foods: pancakes.

All pancakes are delicious, but sometimes the thin crepe-like pancakes that are popular in Ireland aren’t enough to satisfy a pancake craving.

Galway has a range of breakfast spots that offer the typical European style pancake, but if you’re in the mood for something more American, here are the top four American style pancakes you can get in Galway this pancake Tuesday.


Conradh na Gaeilge archive catalogued and launched by NUI Galway

The archive of Ireland’s oldest Irish language organisation, Conradh na Gaeilge, has been catalogued and launched by NUI Galway.

Following discussions instigated and led by Dr John Walsh in 2018, the University’s Library became the custodian of the archives.

The archives consisted of more than 600 boxes of material and over 600,000 pages, making it one of the largest collections ever deposited with NUI Galway.

The documents cover more than a century of the organisation’s existence, campaignin

Over €400,000 awarded to Galway to fund projects in rural areas

Over €400,000 awarded to Galway to fund projects in rural areas

Galway has been awarded over €400,000 by the Government as part of the rural development plan to “breathe new life” into rural towns and villages.

The funding is part of an €18.5m provided as part of the Town and Village Renewal Scheme to benefit rural communities across Ireland.

A total of €100,000 will be used to fund enhancements to Barnaderg village to improve access to community facilities, while €250,000 will fund the devel

Eight private Galway water supplies contaminated with E. Coli in 2020

Eight private Galway water supplies contaminated with E. Coli in 2020

E. Coli was found in eight private water supplies in Galway in 2020.

A report released today by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) examined water quality in private group schemes and small private supplies.

The report found that 20 of the 380 private group schemes in Ireland were found to have E. coli contamination, while 49 of the 1,225 small private supplies had E. Coli contamination.

Dr Tom Ryan, Director of the

NUI Galway CÚRAM research to advance treatment of Crohn’s disease

A team of researchers at NUI Galway have discovered a new approach to the treatment of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

The study, published in Advanced Science, identified a groundbreaking therapeutic strategy for restoring the lining of the intestine of patients with the condition.

The treatment could also help prevent further inflammation, which causes the disease to worsen over time.

Professor Abhay Pandit, Director of CÚRAM said that the team strongly believed the system will “res
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